Judges’ tips for a winning Entry

Want to make your entry stand out? Our esteemed judges have shared tips to help you craft a compelling submission. These insights will guide you in showcasing your achievements, telling your story effectively, and demonstrating the impact of your initiatives

The 2024 entry period is still open!








The entry process

We are now welcoming organisations, people professionals and business leaders to enter the Culture Pioneer Awards.

The awards are free to enter and our application process is designed to showcase the culture journey you have been on – not simply an introduction of new practises.

For more details on how to craft a successful entry, download our useful guide.

Showcase your culture successes across four criteria

1. The why

The objectives, vision and challenges for your organisation’s culture.

2. The what

Your actions to achieve this vision and overcome challenges, paying particular attention to actions that are unique and creative.

3. The impact on people

Evidence of how your culture-crafting actions have positively impacted employees across the organisation.

4. The impact on the organisation

Evidence of how your culture-crafting actions have positively impacted your organisation and wider communities.

“Culture is not what you say it is – it’s how it feels.”

Being a Culture Pioneer feels like that rare combination of privilege and duty. This awards programme brings attention to how a fabulous culture – the shaping of which is in thousands of deeds, words and sensations – really is what matters in helping people flourish in their work.”

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