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Resource type: Book

Managing Conflict: A Practical Guide to Resolution in the Workplace

Author: David Liddle

Endorsed by the CIPD, Managing Conflict is an essential guide for HR professionals needing to tackle these problems by not only resolving current issues, but also preventing future instances of conflict. Packed with best practice case studies from major UK and global organisations, this is an indispensable guide for all HR professionals looking to resolve conflict in the workplace.

Resource type: Guidebook

Resource type: Guidebook

Author: Mind

Summary: Following an independent review in 2017 on how employers can better support all employees to thrive at work, six ‘mental health core standards’ were recommended. Mind’s guide helps employers implement these standards in their workplace.

Resource type: Podcast

Workwell podcast

Author: Mind

Summary: Brian Crooke is a wellbeing educator, speaker and adviser supporting Irish organisations to promote and sustain wellbeing within their workplaces. In this podcast, he interviews workplace wellbeing thought leaders and industry professionals to discuss how employers, employees and entrepreneurs can lead the way by creating and sustaining the healthy, safe and well workplaces of the future.

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Resource type: Framework

EDI Impact Model

Author: The Equal Group

Summary: Need an EDI masterplan? This model will help organisations explain what they are doing when it comes to equity, diversity and inclusion – and why. Created by equality and diversity consultancy The Equal Group, the model helps employers demonstrate potential impact and create a clear vision of the future for their leadership team and organisation

Resource type: Book

The Power of Difference: Where the Complexities of Diversity and Inclusion Meet Practical Solutions

Author: Simon Fanshawe

Summary: Exploring how to confront bias, question assumptions and avoid generalisations, this book illustrates why diversity should be part of the overall business strategy, not separate from it. It shows how for innovation and diversity to flourish, we must create spaces that are safe for disagreement, not from disagreement.

Resource type: Podcast

ReWorked podcasts

Author: The EW Group

Summary: Each month, diversity consultancy The EW Group speaks to CEOs, HR leaders and workplace activists about their journey to rework organisational culture and cultivate a more inclusive workplace environment for all.

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Resource type: Book

Driving the new learning organisation: the potential of L&D

Author: Towards Maturity in association with the CIPD

Summary: This report offers a research-informed analysis of the six characteristics of a thriving learning organisation. Including insights for both learning and business leaders, it considers why driving a ‘New Learning Organisation’ will unlock potential and lead to sustainable business results.

Resource type: Podcast

The McKinsey Podcast: Building a learning culture that drives business forward

Host: Diane Brady

Summary: In this episode of The McKinsey Podcast, Diane Brady speaks with Chief Learning Officer Matthew Smith and Elizabeth Young McNally about how individuals and organisations can build skills and create a learning culture.

Resource type: Report

How to create a learning programme for equity, diversity and inclusion

Author: Mind

Summary: This report helps L&D professionals within any business, but in particular in charities, create a learning and development plan for EDI that can be embedded into all aspects of an L&D programme. It includes some incredible case studies from members of the Charity Learning Consortium, including Leeds University Union, RSPCA, Shaw Trust, Shelter and World Vision UK.

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Resource type: Book

Bringing Your Values Out to Play

Author: Debra Corey

Summary: This book explores the importance of your company values as a key and integral part of your branding. It offers practical guidance on how to ‘bring values out to play’ to ensure they’re not mere words, but are used in each and every behaviour and action throughout your organisation.

Resource type: Video

How to Build a Successful Employer Branding Strategy in 12 Steps

Publisher: AIHR – Academy to Innovate HR

Summary: This Learning Bite explores the first 5 steps of your 12-step plan to building a successful employer branding strategy. It’s a great way to get started or refresh your existing branding activities.

Resource type: Article

What are your organisation’s ‘signature’ ways of working?

Author: Ella Overshott

Summary: Ella Overshott, Director of Pecan Partnership, explores the concept of  ‘signature’ ways of working. Just like a Chef creates ‘signature dishes’ to stand out, your organisation can develop ways to set itself apart from the sector, and create distinctive experiences for your people and customers. Discover more in this HRZone article.

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